What To Do After A Flooding In The Home

What To Do After A Flooding In The Home

What To Do After A Flooding In The Home

If you are living in a area where flood comes often, then you should have to know about that how you can take care of your home and things which are present in your home. One of the best options is to shift from such area or if you can’t shift your home then check which are necessary steps that you have to take after flood. When you are building your home and you know that it is flood affected area and there is more chance of flood, then you should have to contact all round Pristine builders because he knows that how to build home in flooded area.

If you did not take builder’s help and build your home in flooded area, then you should have to follow all below given tips after flood so that you can maintain your home in proper way after flood. Tips to follow after flood are:

Safety first: Whenever there is any home disaster, first step is to remain safe. If flood is too bad, then you may have to leave your home. When you come back to home, you have to deal with the worse situation of home. One of biggest safety measure is that switch off electric power point so that there will be no connection between water and electricity. Main thing is that do not eat food which is contaminated by flood water. If water level of flood was so high, then wash dinnerware, glasses and other kitchen items before using them.

Stopping And Removing Water: When there is flood in your area and water is coming into house, then you should have to stop the source of water so that no more water come into house. If sump pump is not working well, then replace it as soon as possible otherwise there will also damage to garage, basement or main floor. If water is coming into home through pipes, then fix all plumbing issues so that no more damage in house. As soon as you stop the water source to come house, soon you will be able to fix up all damages and clean your home. You may also use wet vacuum to suck water bits and moisture from walls.

Calling the insurance company: If you have home insurance policy, then call to insurance company as soon as possible. Insurance company will send a person to your home so that he can check all damages and company will pay out very soon. Repair cost for all damages may be more than insurance company gave you, but it will help you to reduce your financial burden. You may also click photos of damaged part of house and make a list of items which are damaged by flood, so that insurance company will give money soon.

Clean-up: When water has gone and insurance company has come to check damages in your house, now you can start cleaning. For clean your home, you should have to call for professional help and also contact to all round builders. They will help you and tell you that what things you can keep in your home and what you have to throw.


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