The garden, the vegetable gardens like all the other plantations, are often victims of invasion of animals of all kinds. There are large game and deer such as wild boars, deer and deer grazing or digging plants. There are birds and pests that eat fruits, vegetables, leaves and even roots. Several repellent products are on sale on the market, but they are not always without harmful effects on the environment because of their chemical components. Here are some natural repellents to protect your garden from animal attacks without harming the environment. Pet-friendly carpet cleaning Bedford


How to keep wild boars away?

If you live in the countryside, wild boar and many other games come to dig up and trample your plantations. In addition to the electric fence, there are some simple techniques to keep them away. First, you can scatter hair (which you will recover at the hairdressers) at the edge of your garden to make them flee. Another technique also exists! Wild boars are afraid of humans and nothing but the smell of a human being keeps them away from your garden.


Take empty tin cans. Make small holes in the ground near the fence every 15 or 20 m and insert the boxes. Pour in some human urine that you mix with a little water. Plug the boxes with a flat stone to prevent the urine from evaporating quickly. If these tips do not suit you, you still have to use the boar repellent from Bionatpro. This PN F20 natural repellent is effective.


How to keep birds away?

Birds are also real enemies for vegetable gardens and fruit trees. To keep them at bay, hang bright objects that reflect the sun. In windy weather, place noisy objects in the branches of fruit trees instead. Put plastic bags or CDs around the kitchen gardens to scare birds and protect your vegetables. You can hang them at the end of a rope. The noises will scare away the birds.


How to keep moles away?

Moles can devastate a vegetable garden in only a few passages. How to make them run away? Just plant the vegetable garden repellent plants for moles. You can choose between hyacinth, daffodil, garlic and onion. But when moles have already settled there, it is more difficult to eradicate them. Fortunately, they are easily frightened by the noises and vibrations produced by plastic bottles. Hang the bottles at the end of a stick and insert it at the bottom of the galleries of the moles.


How to keep slugs and snails away?

These pests are harmful to vegetable gardens throughout the year, with the exception of winter. Repel them before they exterminate your plants starting with leaves, flowers and then vegetables. You can put chimney ash around the kitchen garden. You can also deposit coarse sands around the plantations. Slugs and snails will struggle to cross them to the plants.


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