Getting rid of garden snails

Getting rid of garden snails

Getting rid of garden snails

You need to be asking yourself why you want to get rid of garden snails. At the first glance, they don’t appear to be doing any harm. They are slow and steady in their pace, and move around all day, leaving small trails behind them. You wouldn’t expect them to be causing any harm to your garden, but you’d be surprised.

The problem with snails is that they, like all creatures, need to feed in order to survive. Living in your garden, they have no choice but to feed on your precious plants which you’ve been growing for so long. Snails nibble away at your beloved plants and cause them to die because their leaves are no more. This is, of course, very harmful for your garden as the lack of leaves makes the entire garden slowly die off. It may sound inhumane, but if you have any love for your garden, you need to deal with those pests the hard way. Simply picking them up and putting them outside will not solve the problem. They’ll find their way back eventually. You need to kill them off completely to have any chance at breathing in peace when you think about your garden. Otherwise there will always be the imminent threat that your garden is going to lose all its plants to the onslaught that the snails have brought upon it.

There are plenty of ways that you can choose from when you feel like getting rid of the snail epidemic. Their efficiencies can be debated on, but the fact is that they all work to some degree. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the various processes that you can undergo in order to rid yourself from snails for a good amount of time.

Egg shells

Scatter broken egg shells across the surface around the plants which you want to protect. Snails have pretty delicate bodies, and are easily damaged by the sharp objects lying around in your garden which are the broken egg shells. This is quite an effective way of deterring snails from ruining your plants and is recommended for most people.


This does pretty much what the broken egg shells do for your plants. A small barrier of sand will make it difficult for the snails to get across because their bodies won’t be able to withstand it’s course structure.


Spray a bit of coffee on your plants and you’ll notice that the snails aren’t very interested in them anymore. It would seem that snails don’t really like the concept of caffeine very much.


This method may have you using a good amount of beer in order to deal with snails. The snails are attracted to the yeast inside the beer, and once they enter the container, they end up drowning in the beer. If you don’t want to use beer, you can go with yeast in water and see how that works for you.

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