Don’t let dental accidents in the garden Happen to you

Don’t let dental accidents in the garden Happen to you

What would you not do to avoid a visit to the dentist! For those who grit their teeth at the mere thought of pushing the door of their office, it is possible to act upstream to, in any case, space appointments.


First, worry about the frame, that is, the mouth and the muscles that make it work. “When there are musculoskeletal disorders, it is better to treat them before starting periodontal care. These are factors that were little taken into account by dentists, but things are changing. For example, the placement of teeth needs to be carefully considered. For keeping good teeth white  during the meal as for a good positioning during the rest, those from above must mesh with those from below. In case of unbalanced body posture, a dental malocclusion that disrupts the muscle function of the jaws can occur.


After diagnosis, it will be possible to heal with the help of a manual therapist. For Claude Ducroux, osteopath, the question is of importance: imbalanced putty can in turn act indirectly on the cervical and cause headaches. “I work with orthodontists to reduce occlusion problems and facilitate their rehabilitation work,” he says. Similarly with speech therapists, when the subject is the positioning of the tongue in the mouth. ”


Improve your dental hygiene

The second concern for Emil Tchomakov: the fight against pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. “They are a source of the attack, both teeth and gums.”


Improving your dental hygiene obviously starts with a good daily wash with a toothbrush, brushes, toothpick, tongue brush … and a healthy lifestyle (no excess sugar, especially no tobacco). But herbal medicine is here to consider: antibacterial plant extracts such as tea tree essential oils from Australia or laurel are useful for many patients who care about their teeth, even if no scientific study has formally demonstrated their effectiveness.


Essential oils on the toothbrush

In herbal medicine, the moral choice is wide. At the Parisian herbalist of the Palais Royal, Amandine Guyton, a pharmacist and holder of a university diploma in herbal medicine, believes that one can, thanks to plants, avoid many troublesome troubles, such as canker sores or gingivitis. To do this, you can use essential oils (peppermint, lemon) directly on the toothbrush with toothpaste for one-week application a month.


“The microbial flora beneficial to the mouth can be enhanced by a cure of probiotics, taken in mouthwash or substances to swallow,” adds Amandine Guyot. In collaboration with medical oncologists, the pharmacist also intervenes to relieve the dryness of the oral mucosa caused by heavy treatments in cancer patients.


Do not clean the tooth 


These solutions will help “maintain the vitality of the tooth and root. Because the less time the tooth is outside its socket, the more likely it is to reinsert it, “says Dr. Landru. Above all, do not have the reflex to clean it, the characteristics of the tooth could then be altered. These solutions are effective, but only an hour or two. The UFSBD promotes a new product, SOS Bento box, which allows the tooth to be kept for up to two additional hours.


If replantation is impossible considering the condition of the tooth, the placement of an implant or bridge should be considered. On a child, it will remain temporary, until the jaw reaches its final size. According to Dr. Dupin’s estimates, relocating a tooth would represent only 10% of the cost of replacement and remains a very viable solution.


If such trauma occurs in young children who still have their baby teeth, patient follow-up will be even more important as there may be consequences for permanent teeth. First of all, in the event of expulsion of a lacteal tooth, you must know that it will never be reinstated. Moreover, as Dr. Dupin explains, “there is a chance in two that the tooth freezes on the bone.

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